Constance, Connie, CC.

Born and raised in Chicago – the playground that keeps my many interests satisfied.

I am a workout fanatic and cannot try enough new classes with friends. I can’t sit still and am always planning my next adventure – whether it be local or abroad, I have quite a few places on my list and will visit them all. I have a passion for fashion and am always experimenting with different trends but at a discount, of course. I am an avid bookworm and always welcome suggestions or discussions over wine – another hobby I gladly entertain. I am inspired by pretty pictures and beautiful minds to chat with.

And you guessed it, I’m constantly on the run.

My goal is to be real with all of you and break away from the perfectness that is too often portrayed on social media because we all have our weak moments and need to empower each other to rise up from them. I want to inspire and be inspired by each of you. And of course, look fabulous doing it. So take a leap of faith with me and let’s get this blog running!





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