Remote Year: I’m Living & Working in LATAM for 4 Months

The day has officially come. I’m heading to Latin America to live and work for four months with Remote Year.

When I first thought about this possibility in February, November seemed so far off. Like something that would never actually arrive. That it was too good (and too crazy and scary) to be true. Then my days in Virginia Beach very quickly started disappearing and all of a sudden, it was a week before I was supposed to be moving back to Chicago yet Michael wasn’t deploying, we were homeless and scrambling, I had to buy a bunch of flights to Chicago to accommodate unchangeable plans and life was MESSY AF.

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Our lives are SUPER confusing: he’s deploying, oh no he’s not. She’s moving back to Chicago, oh no she’s not. They moved to a new apartment, oh wait she’s really not. His ankle is indestructible, lmao no definitely not. There’s only so much of our story that gets put into these little squares but if you’re going to get anything from them, know this: I am so gd lucky to have @geske41 with me through all of the changing plans & confusion and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Also, currently happy/sad crying in @flyohare during my 6.5 hour layover before heading to Toronto because TOO MANY EMOTIONS. Someone get this girl a treat 💕🍋 #thegreatgeskes #lemonfamily #navywife #milspouse #milspo #constantlyontherun #constantlytravels

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But we made it through because we, as we’ve very quickly learned, can make it through anything. Long distance, deployment schedule changes, planning a wedding in 4 months, cross-country moves, geckos in our apartment, orders curveballs, last minute honeymoon planning, more deployment schedule changes, ankles the size of softballs, just to name a few. So when I had to leave Virginia Beach to go on my own “deployment” while Michael stayed behind, it hurt, we’re talking two days of uncontrollable silent sobbing with this empty feeling in my stomach and a full week of not sleeping kind of hurt. But we also knew it was nothing we hadn’t been through before and nothing we wouldn’t overcome.

I think that’s part of the thing with a military relationship, it sucks, like so terribly sucks you want to constantly scream and cry at times but the person you’re going through all that shit for, makes it so incredibly worth it at the end of the day. And when you have that mindset, there’s nothing that you two can’t handle together.

So here I am, ready to take off on yet another wonderful life adventure that I am so lucky to be able to go on. I won’t have my person (or dog-person) with me which literally breaks my heart and has me feeling ALL OF THE FEELS, however, I know it’s something that I’m meant to do.

Remote Year is quite simply, study abroad for working adults. They have several variations of the program (4, 6 or 12 months in LATAM, Europe and/or Asia) and take you to one country per month, providing you with a place to stay and to work. They do all the heavy lifting, such as providing options for side trips (I CANNOT wait for Patagonia and Machu Picchu!), creating full city guides and providing you with an unbelievable amount of guidance and support before and during the process. Basically I just had to buy my ticket to our first destination and they are taking care of the rest!

It is a crazy opportunity and while I’m sad and scared and nervous, I’m also very much excited. And even though there have been a few (read a lot) hiccups getting to this point, I’m ready to take on LATAM:

  • November: Medellín, Colombia
  • December: Lima, Peru
  • January: Santiago, Chile
  • February: Mexico City, Mexico

Originally, we were supposed to be going to Santiago first and Medellín third, but with the protests that have been ongoing since mid-October, we received urgent communication from Remote Year stating they were changing our itinerary:

While our safety advisors have stated that it is safe to travel to Santiago, Chile, they have also informed us that the current events there could have a major impact on day to day life over the next couple of weeks. To avoid putting you in a situation where you have a disrupted experience, we have decided to shift the order of your itinerary.

This came as a bit of relief, to be honest. I had been keeping up with the news and while most things don’t worry me, this had me a little nervous. I could not praise Remote Year enough for how they have handled the situation so gracefully and it has made me so thankful I found a company that truly treats our lives as their own and keeps us safe.

While I obviously want to do as much exploring as possible (in between work, of course), I also have some fun goals along the way:

  • Become conversational in Spanish
  • Find a super cool graphic designer in my group to create me a new logo
  • Find an amazing gym in each city
  • RUN
  • Blog once a week
  • Cherish each moment, each day

Should Remote Year be something you are interested about, please feel free to ask alllllll of the questions, I am an open book as always! Or if you’re ready to book your own adventure, here is $200 off your first month’s payment 🙌

See you in 2020, USA!



  1. November 3, 2019 / 12:29 pm

    Sounds like a cool experience! Enjoy your travel!!

    • Connie
      November 6, 2019 / 10:36 am

      Thank you so much, Vanessa!

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