Anthem Wicked 10K Race Recap

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6 weeks of training came and went like the snap of my fingers.

Week One Training Recap

Week Two Training Recap

Week Three Training Recap

Week 4 Training Recap

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Laughing at the fact that I actually thought I’d run while on vacation 🤷🏼‍♀️ Instead, I wore super cute @ellieactivewear outfits and walked my butt off⁣ ⁣ Saturday: ✈️ + 🍺 + 5.5 miles ⁣ Sunday: 🍺+ 5.8 miles⁣ Monday: 🚂 + 3.3 miles⁣ Tuesday: 8.4 miles⁣ Wednesday: 11.5 miles⁣ Thursday: 🚂 + 3.3 miles⁣ Friday: 🚂 + 6.4 miles⁣ Saturday: 🚂 + 9.4 miles⁣ Sunday: ✈️ + 2.1 miles ⁣ Monday: ✈️ + 😴 + LAUNCHING @therunnersreport + 1.7 miles⁣ ⁣ Goals starting tomorrow: sleep, get back on track with @jandaracing Wicked 10K training, make TRR an empire and keep wearing super cute @ellieactivewear outfits 💯⁣ ⁣ #elliepartner #loveellie #octoberellie #bibchat #bibravepro #wicked10kbr #constantlyontherun #constantlytravels #girlslovetravel #girlstrip #oktoberfest #slovenia #austria #octobergoals #runwicked

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Week Five Training Recap

Week Six Training Recap

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A 3.22 mile shakeout run with @lawsonj7 through the beautiful fall foliage was exactly what I needed before race weekend starts tomorrow 🍃🍂🍁🌾 ⁣ ⁣ This training cycle truly did not go to plan (but I mean, when does it ever?) though I can’t say I was expecting anything else considering all of the travel during it. Like usual, I had started to get some time goals in my head (because competitive af 🤷🏼‍♀️) but reality knocked on my door this week and I’m going back to my original plan of just having fun 👏🏼⁣ ⁣ Sunday: rest (aka hungover)⁣ Monday: FIT (which included 3000m of rowing 😱)⁣ Tuesday: easy 5k⁣ Wednesday: FIT (which included a mile+ of running)⁣ Thursday: 3.22 mile shakeout⁣ Friday & Saturday: TIME TO RACE⁣ ⁣ Super excited to toe, not one but TWO start lines this weekend – the Monster Mile tomorrow and the Wicked 10K on Saturday. Send all the good vibes please and thank you ✨⁣ ⁣ #constantlyontherun #wicked10kbr #bibchat #bibravepro #runwicked #instarunners #inspiringwomenrunners #runva #vastateparks

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So things didn’t quite go as planned, but then again, when does it ever?

Despite not sticking to my goal of running three times a week, I’m still pretty proud of completing as much as I did with the travel, lack of sleep and sickness. I’m also pretty proud of my performance (for the most part because I’m totally my worst critic).

Monster Mile Recap

This was my first timed mile since… grade school? Middle school? Sure we do miles at CrossFit but it’s always paired with some crazy lifting so it’s hard to get an accurate picture of what I’m capable of. However, Mike and I have done the Murph Challenge twice this summer and I was able to achieve a 7:31. After it, I wasn’t gassed but felt like I had gone on a good run so because of this, I was hoping for a sub-7 come race night.

Packet pick-up was near the start line so we got there pretty early so I didn’t feel rushed. We were in and out pretty quickly, mainly because expos are just too much for me, however, I did love all the signage – it gave it a great personalized feel.

From there, we walked on the boardwalk a bit, stoped for multiple bathroom breaks and finally stripped off my warm sweater (because I’m now a big baby and anything under 70 is freezing) and made my way to the start line.

There were several “corrals” based on your time goal. I decided to start near the front of the sub-8 because I knew the motivation of chasing the sub-7 in front of me would keep me going. This would have been a great plan if there weren’t so many kids and strollers. I got tripped and blocked multiple times which was a tad frustrating but I had to remind myself this was still a race for fun. I clocked in at 7:02 and third in my age group but my watch said my pace was 6:55 the majority of the time soooo we decided to unofficially give that to me due to being tripped 😂

Regardless, the mile was exhilarating and I want to find another race that has this distance sans the kids and strollers 🙈 I have a feeling I can push myself a lot faster than that 6:55.

The only other disappointing thing about this race was the boardwalk. When we were initially walking it, there were lights and spooky decorations everywhere. I was hoping they would actually be lit up come race time but they never did. Next time, J&A. Next time.

Wicked 10K Recap

Going into the 10K, I just wanted to chill. I wasn’t trying to PR or run very fast, I just wanted to enjoy the 6.2 miles and getting to see Mike on the course multiple times. Other than the Monster Mile the night before, this was the first race of mine that he was actually able to attend so I was super excited to have his support there.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course route although the pavement could use a little work – I saw several strollers struggling to get over some particularly bad spots which broke my heart a little. I also loved the course decorations and checking out people’s costumes as they ran by. Still unsure how the Pacmen ran with umbrellas and sheets over their heads, but I am impressed!

The post race party was on the beach and we got not one but THREE beers or ciders to enjoy! Obviously I would’ve ended up on the floor if I had drank them all so I got to share with Mike. The Virginia Beach K9 Unit along with Spike’s K9 Fund did a demonstration which is the second one we’ve seen this summer and I’m still so amazed.

I wasn’t impressed by the post race food choice of soup – it was nearly 70 degrees and I needed more sustenance than that. I also didn’t love that we had to pay for our race photos – that’s something severely outdated of many races that needs to be changed.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this race and would definitely recommend participating in it if you have the chance! I would also recommend other J&A races if they are anything like this one! I’m hoping I will be back in time to take part in the Yuengling Shamrock Race Weekend 🤞



  1. October 28, 2019 / 12:29 pm

    That HUGE beer mug makes you look so small haha.

    I hope to finally meet you and many others at Shamrock 2020. 🙂

    • Connie
      October 28, 2019 / 1:39 pm

      No beer mug is too big! I agree about Shamrock though – will keep you updated 🙂

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