I’m Running in the Anthem Wicked 10k

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Well guys, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. Our life plans have drastically changed and while it’s caused an unbelievable amount of stress and re-planning, that’s a story for another time because today I want to share some exciting news! Due to life changes, rather than full time moving back to Chicago, I will be back and forth between Chicago and Virginia. So the obvious thing to do was sign up for a race.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve toed a start line and I was really starting to miss it. But our crazy military life made it hard to commit to anything so far in the future. Thankfully this little road bump lead me to being able to run at a race here in Virginia Beach! It’s put on by J&A Racing and I’ll be completing the Pumpkin Smash Challenge aka a 1 mile race on Friday then the 10K on Saturday.

Challenges have always been something that have intrigued me yet I haven’t had the opportunity to participate in. This seems like the perfect fit because a 1 mile race won’t cause enough soreness and exhaustion that I wouldn’t be able to perform well in the 10K the next day. Plus, since I only have 6 weeks to train, the shorter distances are more attainable.

While I would love to hit some crazy PR, my main goal is to get through training and then have fun on race day. I haven’t trained for a race in nearly a year and a half so the commitment to running is going to be a huge thing to overcome. I plan to run 3 days a week, mixing in my usual CrossFit classes. I’m also traveling for about 2.5 weeks out of this 6 week training cycle so I will have to substitute hikes for some of my runs. I will stick mainly to slow distances rather than speed work because, once again, I’m just trying to have fun on race day (plus, this training schedule doesn’t really allow for me to properly build). Which it will be nearly impossible to not have fun since Mike will be in attendance! This is the first race of mine he has ever been at and the excitement to see my guy waiting for me at the finish line is REAL.

Stay tuned to all of my training updates on Instagram and wish me luck!



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