AfterShokz Aeropex Review

Disclaimer: I received the AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro and check out to find and review races!

Over my three years being a BibRave Pro, I’ve had the opportunity to test a wide array of products but the AfterShokz (Trekz Titanium & Trekz Air) have been one of my favorites. When the Aeropex were announced, I just knew I had to continue the trend and share my experience.

The Aeropex addressed several “issues” that some consumers reported with the previous versions: they implemented brand new PremiumPitch 2.0+ and angled the transducers to ensure optimal placement on the cheekbones, allowing for more dynamic bass, higher volume and less vibration. On top of that, these are the lightest bone conduction headphones to date, have an 8 hour battery life or 10 days of standby time and are IP67 waterproof rated for intense, sweat-inducing workouts and extreme weather conditions.

Putting that IP67 waterproof rating to the test on a super humid day

Aeropex is rated IP67,  which means they are fully protected from any dust ingress and immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth. In layman’s terms? You can’t swim with Aeropex, but you can paddleboard, kayak, run in heavy rain, and shower with full confidence that water won’t damage your headphones. Read more about the rating system here.

Other specs include:

  • Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds.
  • Lightest bone conduction headphones to-date, weighing less than 1 ounce (26g).
  • 8-hour battery life for music, calls, audiobooks and podcasts, or 10 days of standby time.
  • Complete wraparound titanium design provides a flexible fit for unnoticeable all-day comfort and stability.
  • Fully waterproof (IP67 rated) to welcome intense workouts and extreme weather conditions.
  • Bluetooth v5.0 offers reliable connectivity for up to 33 ft (10m).
  • PremiumPitch 2.0+ delivers wide dynamic stereo sound and louder volume.
  • Re-angled transducers with significantly reduced vibration and enhanced sound quality.
  • OpenFit™ design ensures maximum situational awareness and comfort during long-term wear.
  • Dual noise-canceling mics minimize surrounding noise, effectively enhancing speech for the call recipient.
  • Charge fully in 2 hours with magnetic charging cable. Moisture detection alert included for safe charging.
  • Audrey Says™ voice prompts guide users through power, pair, play and talk.
  • Hassle-free 2-year warranty included.

Overall, I love the new Aeropex. I think any pair of AfterShokz is a great investment because of the open ear design. I can wear them while walking Lu, running the trails or CrossFitting but still be able to hear what is going on around me and feel safe. I also love the bone conduction technology and the fact that it protects my ears more than a traditional headphone. My only gripe with the design is it sits a bit far off the back of my neck, making it hard to travel and lean against a seat. However, this may be due to my small head and is not enough of an issue to deter me from recommending to purchase 🙂


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