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Lately, my main focus in life has been on getting better foods in my body and incorporating better products into my routine. We know I had some weird skin issues at the beginning of the summer and that’s what initially jump-started the natural skincare research and attempting to purify my routine.

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For the past few weeks, I have successfully hidden the right side of my face but today I say “no more hiding!” 🙆🏼‍♀️ • • What began in the December as a few bumps in my nostril that I attributed to running outside in the frigid temps & dryness, turned into a few more over a month ago. Then a couple of weeks ago, it spread up the side of my nose like a wildfire (these are the moments I thank God @geske41 isn’t here because who wants to have a rash on their face around their boyfriend?! Sorry I’m vain). Simultaneously burning & itching, my skin began to peel & crack (SUPER cute, amiright?) so I stopped all facial products, sticking to a bar of Dove soap as face wash, apple cider vinegar as toner & olive oil as moisturizer. Being stubborn, I didn’t want to go to a doctor, thinking I could treat it myself naturally (because who wants to put steroids on their face & take yet another antibiotic?) • • But every person has their limits & today, I met mine. And I’m happy I can finally put a name to my problem. Perioral dermatitis – a weird cross between eczema & acne but a cousin of rosacea. I’m no stranger to weird rashes, my hands swell with tiny bumps every summer but this one is somewhat of a mystery to me. And while it looks terrible, I think the pain & unknowing the cause has been the real issue – everything they say causes perioral dermatitis doesn’t apply to me. So I worked with my doctor to develop a plan of attack that combines an antibiotic (UGH, I know) to help with the inflammation, a non-steroid cream & continuing my natural remedies because I’m at the point that I’ll do anything to get rid of it. He said it will take about 4-8 weeks to clear up once treatment starts but I’m praying for a quicker recovery (hello @jvcozzone‘s wedding in a month 😭). It’s scary to show this to the world but I felt like it needed to be, espesh after following @thebalancedblonde‘s struggle with eczema • • For anyone out there battling weird skin issues, all my love to you because this SUCKS. But really, know you aren’t the only one fighting this & although it’s hard to start, talking about it releases SO much stress. As always, I’m here with an open ear if you need it 🤗

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Daytime Routine

Cleanser: Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Beautycounter is a company I’ve heard a lot about in the past year but until recently, I didn’t pay much attention to it. To be completely candid, the only reason I listened was because I was given free samples from an event at my studio.

So I use this bar every other day. Charcoal is best used on oily or acne-prone skin and while that’s never really been my type, I’ve noticed it helping with smoothing out my dark spots and brightening up my complexion – two things that are a must, especially in the winter (and selfishly, for my upcoming wedding). I will also spot treat if I notice a blemish coming in (more on that below in the nighttime mask section). On days I don’t use this, I just revert back to my nighttime routine cleanser or splash some water on my face and call it a day.

Toner: Rosewater Toner

For the past month, I’ve been using the Kopari Beauty Coconut Rose Toner. Toner in this case is not the typical alcohol-filled one that stung our faces, rather it uses natural astringents such as Witch Hazel and lavender to ward off blemishes, tighten up your pores, reduce redness and calm your skin. While I love the smell of the Kopari one, it is on the more expensive side (I bought the 3 step process sample pack when it was on sale) so you can always head to your local Sephora or hop on Amazon and order a more budget friendly version. I love the idea of this spray mainly because it’s refreshing and wakes me up a bit.

Moisturizer: Coconut Face Cream OR Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

Another Kopari favorite of mine (have you noticed a coconut trend yet? I don’t even like coconuts, that’s the weird thing) is the face cream. THIS STUFF IS MAGIC. It’s expensive but also very much worth the cost. It isn’t greasy at all and a little goes a long way aka you will have this tube for months. Legitimate months.

On the same playing field is the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion. Non-greasy, lightweight and a little goes a long way. I switch off daily between the two for no reason at all except that I have them both and can’t decide which is my favorite.

Nighttime Routine

Cleanser: Coconut Cleansing Oil OR Cleansing Balm

Okay, I clearly have a Kopari obsession. It’s fine, I’m fine. In all honesty though, I’ve tried facial cleansing oils before and they just weren’t for me until I tried this one. It literally melts my makeup off and leaves my face feeling SO soft and SO clean. I know what you’re thinking though, oil to clean my face? How? I don’t get it. And honestly, I don’t really either but I keep hearing (and reading) that oil pulls oil meaning wash your face with oil and it will bring out all of the natural oils in your skin while dissolving all the extra, balancing it to perfection. A huge reason people experience oily skin is because it’s overproducing due to the products that are being used. Don’t believe me? Read this mindbodygreen article or this Self article – I was hesitant at first too but now I couldn’t support it more. My only advice, don’t do it with your contacts in because your eyesight may be a little weird for a couple minutes after.

Not into straight oil? Try this Beautycounter Cleansing Balm – it’s a “solid” version of oil but can also be used as a moisturizer and face mask, if you so please.

Toner: Rosewater Toner

Yep, do another spritz of that rosewater toner at night, too.

Moisturizer: Molivera Organics Rosehip Oil

THIS. THIS IS FREAKING MAGIC. I’m not going to go into the benefits of oil on your skin because I explained it already but let me say one more time, THIS IS MAGIC. I use this oil every. single. night. and I swear my face (and body) feels like a baby because of it. Smear this all over your beautiful face right before bed and you will wake up smooth af. It also helps with brightening, fighting acne, boosting collagen production (aka anti-aging), reducing inflammation (aka helps eczema, rosacea, etc.), reducing hyperpigmentation (aka dark spots) and reducing scars & fine lines. When you’re first starting this product, use it every other night for about a week or two to get used to it and then eventually, every night. Want your bod to feel as good as your face? Slather yourself in it. It doesn’t take much oil but you’ll feel the results instantly. Bonus? It’s super affordable and available on Prime. This is the product that really started me on this whole journey so I think it’s one of the best if you’re ready to go down this path too.

Mask: Overnight Resurfacing Peel AND Balancing Facial Mask

This is something fairly new in my routine but after one use I was sold. I use it every couple of days (2, 3 or 4 times a week depending on how tired I am at night when I go to bed) and have seen some pretty incredible results so far. Not that I had many wrinkles before, but I’ve definitely seen those go down while my dark spots have lightened and my overall appearance is brighter. This is another one of those products that will last you MONTHS. Possibly even years – TBD until I get to that point but I’ll keep you updated 😉

I’ve also started spot treating with this Charcoal Face Mask. Anytime I see a blemish coming in, I put a dab of this mask on and it practically disappears. I’ve done a few full face masks with it and only positive results there as well! However, since my skin isn’t acne prone, I like to save this as much as I can and only spot treat.

So obviously that’s a lot more product than I’m used to using in one day (and some nights I still fall asleep in my makeup and skip all of this completely) – I used to see beauty bloggers using all this crazy stuff and thought it was way too much but now that I’ve varied it up a bit myself, I’m seeing some great results that are hard to deny. The main takeaway I think you can take from this is that you have to find what works for you – start off slow, don’t completely change your entire routine in one day because that sounds like a recipe for disaster, on your skin and in your bank account. When you start to run out of a product you’re already using, instead of buying the same one, try switching things up and going a more clean route. The only product I 110% support you buying right this second is the rosehip oil – I swear it will change your life.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! I love sharing everything that I’m finding along this journey

xo, Constance


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