11 Things You Will Learn When You THINK Your Life Just Fell Apart

Almost a year ago I wrote this post, the most vulnerable thing I had written at that time. I promised to continue to be real and raw with all of you so here’s to wrapping up the past year: one that brought change, growth, love and all the thanks with 11 things you will learn when you THINK your life just fell apart. *Spoiler alert, it was actually just made

  1. Your tribe will come together in the most beautiful of ways and DAMN will you be so grateful for them
  2. You may need to visit a therapist to get a hold of your anxiety (which may make you even more anxious) and that’s okay
  3. You will still be friends with people you never would have known if it weren’t for him (and they will be the ones that move you out of your apartment into your parents house) and that’s okay too
  4. You will have the hardest time adjusting to living at home after being gone for 8 years but then you get unlimited toffee and realize it’s fine 😉
  5. You will find a strength in yourself that you never knew existed
  6. And you will grow 20 years in just a few short months, finding the person within yourself that was always too scared to come out
  7. The month of you will turn into the year of you which will turn into the life of you (mentally speaking, not financially)
  8. You will not trust a single man until one comes along and makes you forget you even had trust issues (even from halfway across the world – you da real MVP Michael and always will be #BOTY #soontobeHOTY)
  9. You will learn to let go of the money-owed and unpaid bills that went into collections because it isn’t worth your time or energy
  10. You will probably always refer to him as Fuckboy just because it makes you giggle
  11. One day (and every day after that) you will thank God for that MDW because it kickstarted the transition into your best self #queen

So cheers to everything that happened for a reason (even when you couldn’t always see it) and cheers to all that is going to come (it’s about to be big).


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