SKINS DNAmic Compression Leggings Review

Disclaimer: I received the SKINS DNAmic Compression leggings as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming aBibRave Pro and check out to find and review races!

I am no stranger to the SKINS products – in fact I am an avid user. I first tested the Compression A400 capris back in September and fell in love. I then purchased the DNAmic Thermal & Wind Resistant Compression leggings and DNAmic Thermal Compression long-sleeved top to face the harsh Chicago winters (holla for their amazing Black Friday sale). So when I got the opportunity to try out the new DNAmic Compression leggings and sports bra, I jumped on it.

So why may you ask am I such an avid user? I truly believe compression products help with recovery. It is said that compression products increase blood circulation & muscle oxygenation therefore reducing the build up of lactic acid after a grueling workout. Compression products can also decrease the risk of injury by reducing swelling.

Although I’m already a firm believer, I put it to the test with my DNAmic Compression leggings – running 21.7 miles, attending an hour HIIT class, and a half hour of each cycling, barre, and yoga all in one weekend. I wore the leggings through each of my workouts (don’t worry, I actually washed them this time. I wasn’t experimenting with that again) and also the Monday after. I was a tiny bit sore, I mean how could you not be after almost 7 hours of working out within 48 hours, but I was no where near as sore as one should be. I’d call that a win.

A post shared by Connie Kulczycki (@ckulll) on Another reason I really like the SKINS products is because of the fit. While socks are nearly impossible to put on and take off without an army helping you, this issue is easily avoided with the leggings. This isn’t to say they don’t compress your legs though because you feel it right away (in an almost therapeutic way, I promise). I’m privy to the leggings rather than socks or sleeves, especially post-run, because I tend to be really tight in my hamstrings and the pants obviously cover that while socks/sleeves don’t. SKINS bottoms are pretty true to size – I have a small in my capris and leggings. As for the sports bra, depending on the brand, I am either a small or a medium and while I got a small, I definitely need a medium for future SKINS bra purchases (although my thermal top is a small and fits great – this is confusing, sorry guys).

The last reason I’m a huge fan of SKINS is because of their customer service. When I ordered the Thermal & Wind Resistant leggings back in November, I ripped them before I even had a chance to wear them (idiot). I reached out and they exchanged them, no questions. Snaps for SKINS!

Interested in trying out SKINS Compression apparel? Use code “20BIBRAVE” for 20% off all non-reduced items. And don’t forget to let me know what you think!


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