Your Mindset is Everything: February Training Recap

February. The quickest month in the year but also kind of a weird one because sometimes it’s cold (sup Groundhog predicting 6 more weeks of winter) but other times it’s like “psych! It’s 65 degrees and I’m going to tease the sh!t out of you but go right back to snowing the next day.” True life: Chicago weather is bi-polar. So while I may not be crazy about the excessive treadmill runs, I also have to say this was one of my favorite months of training.

Going into the month, I wanted to give 110% to every single workout. I was looking for some big steps forward (I mean I am trying to qualify for Boston in May!) and knew the only way that was going to happen was if I made these workouts my priority. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a few rough days. And they occurred pretty early on, at which point I was like “SH!T, this cannot be happening so soon after I was like ‘I’m gonna CRUSH this month'”. So like any good (self-proclaimed) meditating, yogi, I took a deep breath, held it in, and let it out – repeating that a few times. I accepted that I cannot always be perfect and sometimes we have minor setbacks. You grow from how you react to those hardships. So instead of choosing defeat, I chose growth.

So where exactly did I have a misstep? It was my first hard tempo on the schedule. Eric forewarned me I was going to have a hard couple of weeks but I somewhat pushed it to the side until I looked at what exactly I had to do:

10 minutes easy warm up

1 mile at 6:45

1 mile easy

(3 miles at 7:40, 1 mile easy)x2

1 mile at 6:45

Rest of run easy

I took one look at this workout and thought, HA! I haven’t ran a mile that quickly since I was trying to beat all the boys in grade school gym. Eric must be insane. That mindset set me up for failure and there was a slim chance I was going to come back from it. This run was supposed to take an hour and 20 minutes. It took me an hour and 42. And TBH, I’m pretty sure I’m blocking out the memories of that run because I have no idea what I did. I can only say for certain that I did not actually complete those 12+ scheduled miles.

But here’s the thing, I had another hard tempo run scheduled for the following week. And from the moment I walked out of the gym on that dreadful night, I knew I was going to try my damn hardest to crush my next tempo run. And that I did. Completing a 10 minute warm up, 3 miles at 7:41, 0.5 mile walk, 3 miles at 7:41, right into (45 second runs at 7:15, 1 minute rest)x7, I felt like I was on top of the world.

So what did I learn from February? Your mindset is everything. We hear this all of the time but sometimes it’s hard to remember when it doesn’t slap you across the face every once in a while. So keep your heads up babes. Believe in yourselves and even your wildest of dreams can come true.


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