Sweat x Sport Detergent & Spray Review

Disclaimer: I received Sweat x Sport Detergent and Sweat x Sport Odor Eliminator Spray as part of being a BibRave Pro, however all opinions are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro and check out BibRave.com to find and review races!

*I’ll preface this review by saying my washer did have a little malfunction (perfect timing, right? Image result for rolling eyes emoji) so I wasn’t able to use the detergent in an actual load of laundry but I found my way around that issue by pre-soaking my clothes and focusing on the spray*

When BibRave announced we had the opportunity to test Sweat x Sport, I jumped on it because I essentially live out of a bag so I was extra stoked about the spray for on-the-go. The odor spray boasts to be “the best in the industry at eliminating the stench and foul odors in shoes, cleats, hockey and lacrosse gloves, helmets, pads and gym bags.” After using it for about a week, I noticed a huge difference in my shoes and bag.

So of course I had keep experimenting (and this is semi-gross so stop reading if you judge easily. Sorry I’m not sorry). I wore the same pair of leggings every day to work (yes I know, who gets to wear leggings to work? This chick) for 5 days straight (but did not work out in them, that would be taking it way over the top) and (almost) every night I would spray them. By the end of the week they were still fresh as ever! Some people may think “duh, do you sweat at work?” but you have to remember I also go to the gym every day after work so they would sit in my bag for a couple of hours (or overnight because I’m not always the best at cleaning out my bags when I get home).

Another thing I experimented with was using it to wipe down my mat post-hot yoga. It didn’t leave a sticky residue and definitely left my mat smelling fresh! My mom also used it a couple times to spot treat the couch and carpets (Little Lu was obviously being a brat post-surgery and reverted back to bad puppy behavior).

As for the detergent, I didn’t use it quite as often as the spray (seriously, I use that stuff religiously now) but the few times I did soak my clothes in it, the results were undeniable. They aren’t lying when they say it can do all of the following:

  • Specially formulated, high-performance laundry cleaning solution that removes embedded foul odors (think months-long sweat)
  • Designed to lift and remove difficult stains like grass, clay, mud, & blood
  • Can be used on all types of fabrics
  • Can be used across all types of washing machines
  • Nanovasice Technology restores fabric performance
  • Exfoliates sweat beads, oils, and residue trapped in fabrics
  • Eliminates sweat related funk & odor from technical fabrics and activewear

Some clothes that I thought were long gone suddenly were as good as new!

Overall, I had a great experience with Sweat x Sport and definitely recommend it to any active (or pet-owning) human. Try it out and save 15% off your purchase by using code “BibRave15” 😉


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