Athlinks: Your One Stop Shop For Race Results

I mentioned Athlinks in my F^3 review yesterday but I figured this topic was so important, I really wanted to expand upon on it in it’s own post!

So what exactly is Athlinks? It’s an online results tracker where all of your race times are housed, no matter the distance. Not only can you save all of your results here, but you can also connect with friends, compete with rivals and discover new races.

Setting up is super simple. All you need is your email, date of birth and location. If you have changed locations over the years, no worries! You can still search by your name and birthdate.

When initially logging in, Athlinks will automatically give you a list of results that you can claim. While I had an easier time sorting through my results (who else do you know with the name Constance Kulczycki), those that do have a more common name can easily filter by birthdate. Once you claim your results, they will be added to your profile!

Another cool feature is adding yourself to the start line of any upcoming races. You can enter your goal time for those future races and adjust as necessary. I added F^3 to my start list and was able to see that a few of my friends were also running it with me!

However, my favorite part of Athlinks is the friends feature. I’m able to see what races my friends have coming up to cheer them on and then congratulate them when they crush their goals. So where does that leave you? Yep, you guessed it. Go make yourself an account and be my friend!


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