When Life Happens & Plans Change

Training over the winter has been anything but easy for me. I went into it with such a positive view but the multiple roadblocks (mostly getting sick every other week) slowly knocked me down.

With that being said, I have decided to push back my BQ race from the One City Marathon on March 4 to the Wisconsin Marathon on May 5. As soon as I agreed upon this change with Eric, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I know I can 100% do it but March seemed far too soon with the training mountains I’ve had to get over the past couple of months.

So what did I learn from this experience?

First of all, winter training is not my thing. I like running in the heat of the summer. I like cuddling up with fuzzy socks, wine, and movies in the winter. It only seems right to take a break over the winter and recover from a tough spring, summer, and fall training. In tandem, I get sick a lot over the winter which really debilitates training. So props to all of you that continue to train in the winter but it’s just not for me.

Second of all, I had my heart set on qualifying at the One City Marathon. It was the perfect location, perfect weather, and left enough time in the 2018 season should I need to try to BQ at a different race and not rush. However, sometimes we need to step back, re-evaluate, and then make adjustments. I’m still working towards my goal of qualifying for Boston. I’ll still have plenty of races in the 2018 season should something not go my way (which it will, we’re talking the power of manifestation here). And I’m going to get a brat, a beer, AND cheese curds when I cross that finish line. YEP, cheese curds. How awesome is that? Thank you, Wisconsin. So yes, sometimes the timing of your goals won’t work out but you can still achieve them, and that’s something you should never forget.

xo, Constance


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