Training Over the Holidays: December 18 – 27

I would say “Surprise! I haven’t been training much because I got sick (again)” but I think we’ve all realized that my immune system may not be the strongest* (therefore this will most likely be my last year actually training for something over the winter). So although I did get a few runs and cross-training sessions in, I didn’t do as much as I had anticipated. But I also think the holidays are the perfect time to give yourself a break – don’t read that as quit though.

Too often I hear people going to one extreme (stopping all physical activity and eating everything in sight) or the other (working out twice a day because they ate a bite-size gluten, sugar, fat, and all the other free cookies – okay that might have been a bit of an exaggeration but you catch my drift). While this may be one way to do things, I think it’s better to live in balance, especially during the holidays, of everything (that includes working out). So let’s walk through a couple scenarios that I will definitely be keeping in mind for next year:

  1. The holidays fall right in the middle of your training. So you’ve got a big race coming up and you don’t want to hinder your progress? Take a look at your schedule, both personal and workout and mark the must-dos. Long run? Yes. Extra Thursday morning yoga class? Maybe skip it so you can get more work done and have some time after work to go Christmas shopping. Family party at grandma’s? Yes. Family party at your third cousin’s great aunt’s cousin 18 times removed (or something else equally ridiculous)? Maybe arrive late after your cross-training or hold off on the extra glass(es) of wine so you can make your morning run. While these scenarios don’t apply to everyone, you get the idea. Make the must-dos happen with no question and you can work those other events in as you’re able. Because unfortunately, we’re not able to do everything so a little time management is necessary.
  2. I’m not training for anything specific but I still workout every day. And that’s amazing, all the power to you! But don’t beat yourself up if you had one too many glasses of eggnog the night before and missed your HIIT class. You already know you have a great routine, missing a day (or three) won’t be the end of the world unless you let it become a habit. During the holidays it’s okay to give yourself a break and enjoy the time with your loved ones. And if you’re feeling guilty about paying for something you aren’t using, see if a friend wants to use your extra classes – win, win!
  3. My New Years Resolution. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it again, and I’ll keep saying it until everyone listens but it is not realistic to keep saying 2018 will be a better year just because it’s new. YOU are the one in control. YOU make the changes, not the year. So start taking those steps now to make 2018 great and stop waiting for a day to make changes you want. Small steps turn into big steps, then leaps and miles (and yes I realize we’re four days from the New Year so this advice is coming a bit late but it can also apply to that thought of “I’ll start working out next Monday or eating healthy next Sunday”).

*And also, if you want to throw any suggestions at me for how to boost my immune system, I would SO greatly appreciate it! Clearly I need all the help I can get.


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