Full Week of Training: December 12 – 17, I’m officially back at it

With wisdom teeth extraction, to traveling, to getting extremely sick, it’s been a tough start on the training road to Boston. And while I mentioned I was mentally struggling last week, that quickly faded away as my body began to realize I was throwing it right back into routine and the soreness settled in. And although I did my best to ease my way into speed and weights, I can’t help but wince each step I take because of the calve burn (damn ball slams).

So what exactly did my first week back look like? Let’s take a quick peek:

4x1 run/walk totaling 30 minutes20 minute walk at 12% incline
Core & leg workout
5x1 run/walk totaling 48 minutes20 minutes of stairs
Core & leg workout
9x1 run/walk totaling 30 minutes
Recovery movements focusing on mobility
5x2 run/walk totaling 56 minutes
1 hour HIIT class at CTF Roscoe Village
4x1 run/walk totaling 50 minutes
1 hour HIIT class at CTF Northside

We can now clearly see why I’m a tiny (a lotta) bit sore. While I monitored how my body felt and took my first couple of runs pretty easy, I hadn’t done much in almost a month so throwing almost 11 miles and 2 hours of HIIT classes within 48 hours probably wasn’t the smartest (SORRY ERIC). But on the flip side, those HIIT classes brought me SO much joy – being around motivated individuals in a group fitness setting always knocks my happiness levels up quite a few notches. Make it two in one weekend and I couldn’t be happier.

In an effort to combat the soreness I am starting to feel, I am rolling it out as much as possible. Literally I’ve hit my roller more times this weekend than I have in the past year (okay, this may be an exaggeration but I’m just trying to really express how much use it’s gotten). I’ve been using my Intelliroll (ayo use code ckull for 10% off) for my back, IT band, and hamstrings and my recently acquired Hyperice AchillX to get at my feet, Achilles, and calves (thanks aSweatLife). I’ve also been focused on sufficiently stretching. This is something I’ve always struggled with but at this point (almost a month from F^3 Half and less than 3 months from One City Marathon), I can’t afford to lose anymore days so I’m doing what is necessary to keep me healthy. Which speaking of, I’m also making sure to take my magnesium and tumeric to aid with recovery. Not to mention drinking all the water.

How else do you recover? Holla at me because I’m always looking for the best ways, especially considering I tend to get sick a lot in the winter!


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  1. December 19, 2017 / 12:17 pm

    To recover, I’ve been making matcha almond milk lattes, putting chia seeds in everything, and (trying) to take my vitamin everyday. I hope you continue to stay healthy! That sounds like a solid (and fun) week of training. 🙂

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