Making Today Count #WellnessWednesday

Last night, as I left my first #SweatWorking class as a #TeamaSweatLife ambassador, I was the happiest I had been in months on a weeknight – I had gotten a great workout in (despite Eric’s pleas to skip and rest up due to my never-ending cough), I made new friends, and I got some great new products (holla at Delos Therapy for the theracane and Reebok for the cutest little hat).

I settled in for the hour car ride back to the burbs, putting on my newest vibe playlist (seriously this one is going to be a-effing-plus so I’ll put it in the bottom of this post – it’s not much yet but I’m slowly adding on to it, just you wait) and began to reflect. I am SO thankful for the sharp turn my life took at the beginning of the summer and I absolutely could not wait for some big things that would be coming in the next year but what about right now? I didn’t want to wake up some time in the future and regret missing out on my 26th year of life because I was impatiently waiting for all of those big things to come. I wanted to continue to be so excited for the future and continue to plan but I also wanted to live in the now. I didn’t want to miss out on today.

So like the good little meditating-yogi-self-reflecting & loving-chill-girl I was trying to be, the second I got home I whipped out the notebook that goes everywhere with me and wrote down my intentions for December.

This was something I started doing in August – writing down things I wanted to work on that I had recently struggled with, things that I wanted to achieve, and quotes that had recently struck a chord with me. Each thing was written in present tense as if it was already happening (something I think is key if you are going to start doing this because the only way to make it happen is believing it will and that you are worthy of it). After writing down these intentions, manifestations, goals – whatever you want to call them – I would sit on them for however long I needed (sometimes with my crystals, sometimes not), tuck them back into my bag, turning back to them whenever I was having an all the feels moment and continue this process each month.

While writing, I first made a list of things I was unhappy about – some things I could control, others I could not.

For those that I could control, I had to make a choice – would I continue doing that thing that was making me unhappy because of the amazing end goal or would I make a sacrifice to make that situation better but possibly put that end goal in jeopardy or severely hinder it’s progress? For example, while I absolutely love my parents and could not thank them enough for letting me move back in, I am absolutely miserable living in the burbs so far away from the majority of my friends, my favorite gyms and just lacking a space of my own. I could (1) continue to live at home, saving a ridiculous amount of money and cutting my commute time by more than half so that I could plan the European summer adventure of my dreams and moving out after that or (2) move back to the city, paying far too much for a tiny apartment in one of the few areas that would make my commute somewhat bearable, cutting down on what my Europe trip would entail and probably not be able to buy a place come next fall (it’s a hard decision but looks like I’m going to continue crashing on people’s couches for at least a couple more months).

For other things I could not control, I thought about what would make those situations easier or something else that could bring enough joy into my life so that the situation wouldn’t be as rough. Marathon training and blogging were the easy answers to that. Now I just needed to remind myself of that each time I headed to the gym to get a workout in or sat down at my desk to write so as not to lose sight.

I realized as I neared the end of my writing that I had missed doing the month of November which in hindsight, makes absolute sense – I had felt like I was running in water all month, never really catching my footing. Writing my intentions for the month helped to ground me and focus on the today. My great friend, Katie Scharnagle, always had the motto of “today” and I think I’m finally starting to get why. Find what helps to ground you and bring you back to today. And if you are so inclined, share what that is so we can continue to grow and empower each other.

Happy #WellnessWednesday

xo, Constance


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