With the holidays quickly approaching, it seemed appropriate to release a Fitness & Wellness Holiday Gift Guide! Combined with some of my favorite products I’ve used over the past year and a few things I’ve been dying to get, you’re sure to find the perfect present for your runner, yogi, or all around fitness & wellness fanatic. And just FYI, I’m about to link to a lot of products, so bear with me, please and thank you.

  1. Let’s start with something easy, shall we? A homemade Hydration Pack complete with a Nalgene Water Bottle ($10.99), NUUN tablets ($7.00), and a Mission Athlete Vaporactive Cooling Towel ($9.99). I know this may seem silly but I hear all the time how people say one of their goals is to drink more water and what an easy way to get that started by supplying them with a bottle that is big enough you don’t have to refill it a million times throughout the day. If you know me, I always have my Nalgene with me – I may have even cried a little when I dropped mine in Vegas and it shattered (I know I’m confused too, it must have been from over-excessive dishwashing and the extreme heat) so this is a perfect thing to pair with NUUN tablets that provide all of the electrolytes with less sugar and a cooling towel perfect for post-hot yoga or hot run.
  2. Let’s keep it rolling with the drink theme and go for the Ninja Fit Single Serve Blender ($59.99). Why is this so cool? Because while shakes have always been a thing, Kelly LeVeque made them sexy with her book Body Love ($17.99). Speaking about the benefits of the “Fab Four,” she provides the best of the best smoothie recipes to feel and look great by eating well.
  3. Want your fitness fanatic to always feel 110% post-workout, throw some Magnesium their way. Fueling your energy, bone health, and recovery, magnesium is essential for runners because it is lost through sweating. Pair this with other supplements such as Tumeric (super hot right now) or Celadrin to reduce inflammation and L-Glutamine to aid in muscle growth and athletic performance, and you’re sure to see some PRs coming out of your athlete. *Note while there are thousands of vitamin brands out there, make sure you do your research before purchasing because they are not all created equal. My personal favorite is Wonder Labs, thank you Grandma and Mom 😉
  4. Not into the vitamin thing? Vital proteins is a powder for any drink you wish! Helping with hair, skin, nail, joints, and bones, it’s an all-around wonder supplement.
  5. More post-workout recovery needed? Roll it on out with the Intelliroll ($49.99). This is my favorite roller because it is actually shaped to fit all of your curves, even your spine. Best part is, use code CKULL for 10% off your entire purchase.
  6. So your fitness fanatic isn’t concerned about their physical performance but rather their mental health? Introduce them to “Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real You” (Amazon: $15.55) a crystal healing book. I may have gotten some eye rolls there and while normally I would say that’s cool, this time I’m going to say don’t knock it until you try it. Self-love has been a big thing this year and a great way to start on that journey is by introducing some simple everyday rituals. This book has got your back. And while you’re at it, get the Rose Quartz Stone ($5.50), the ultimate love crystal that will open your heart up to every type of love possible.
  7. Continuing down that mental health road? Essential oils are a must. Not only to they provide instant relief but they also smell great. Not sure which ones to get? Go with the Pocket Farmacy Oil Blend Convenience Kit ($59.99), hitting all of the favorites.
  8. Okay now that we’re feeling good mentally and physically, let’s look good too. Any two piece outfit is a yes. There are so many options, it’s actually hard to choose but here are a few I have my eye on:
  9. More look good gifts, it’s a silly one but I’m so serious about it. Socks. Runners love good running socks. My personal favorite are Swiftwick No Shows ($12.99). Want to do a little more? Get your butt to Etsy and make a personalized shoelace charm. This will be sure to pull on the heart strings of your runner.
  10. Want to go big for your runner? Go Garmin ($119.99-899.99). Prices obviously vary quite a bit with this one so make sure you find out exactly what your runner needs out of a watch. If it’s just for time, you can go with a simpler model but if they want smart notifications, heartrate and all the bells and whistles, it might be a little pricier. 
  11. Already have the Garmin, try getting some new watch bands because we know I absolutely love matching my watch to my outfit of the day. Head on over to Amazon, type in Garmin Watch Bands and have yourself a field day picking out the new colors.
  12. Already have a Garmin but want to go big? The Aftershokz Wireless Headphones ($129.95-169.95) are the way to go. I cannot say enough amazing things about these headphones: they are bluetooth, lightweight, sit over your ears so you can still hear your music yet also everything around you so you feel safe, and they’re waterproof! If you don’t want to get them for your fitness fanatic, just do yourself a favor and get them for yourself.
  13. And last but certainly not least, my absolute favorite book of 2017, “Not Afraid of the Fall” ($15.99). A true account of one couple’s adventures across the globe, it will force you to reflect and maybe make an adventure of your own.


  1. November 22, 2017 / 8:30 am

    I can’t read this at work anymore! I’ll have to wait until I get home 🙁

    • Connie
      November 22, 2017 / 1:38 pm

      I hope it gives you some good ideas 🙂

      • November 22, 2017 / 6:46 pm

        I’m all about the Ninja and the Aftershokz 😀

        • Connie
          November 24, 2017 / 12:08 pm

          Did you see the incredible sale they’re having today on the AfterShokz?!

          • November 24, 2017 / 4:08 pm

            I did not. I’ll take a look. 😀

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