#TeamSalute for the 2018 Chicago Marathon

It’s been a month and you may have noticed I never did a review for the Chicago Marathon. Well that’s because I was waiting for a very exciting email and I finally got it this week! But before I get to that, I want to give a brief review of race day because it was definitely one of the most challenging races I’ve completed to date.

13 weeks of half marathon training followed by 18 weeks of marathon training, I had been going so hard 6-7 days a week, you could say I was a tiny bit burned out by the time a month before race day was here. That’s when I switched my mentality (and missed a few workouts) to just completing the race and giving what I could.

On race weekend, I was unusually calm (until the morning of, of course) and just ready to run. The morning of, it was pretty chilly. So cold in fact, my teeth were chattering and I was nervous I would be extra tight by the time I got to the start line. However, I started off strong and felt great through the first half. But by the time I hit mile 9, the temperature did a complete 180 and it felt like it was 90 degrees out, completely confusing my body and causing me to hit a wall shortly after mile 13, much earlier than anticipated. It was then that I fully committed to being okay with whatever time I crossed the finish line in, as long as I crossed. I stopped at every aid station, walking through to get at least 3 waters and 1 Gatorade as I knew that even though I had prepared for the heat the day before, I was getting dehydrated (which ended with killer cramps for the following two days in my upper abs/ribs). It killed me a little bit to do so because I’ve never walked in a race before but it was necessary to get through it.

With 2 miles left, my dad hopped in and together we crossed the finish line at 4:26:20, not my ideal time but it was still under my 2015 finish. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to adjust your plans and just enjoy the journey.


So now what is the email I️ have been so (not) patiently waiting for? Confirmation of my 2018 Chicago Marathon entry, of course! Yep, it’s true, I’m running the 2018 Chicago Marathon! And yes, I signed up for it the day before this year’s at expo (where’s the monkey covering his eyes emoji when you need it).

How did this happen you may ask and the simple answer would too quickly. But the full answer would be I was at expo with my parents on Saturday; we had gotten there late because my mom had work and then traffic to the city was treacherous so we actually had a chance to wander through most of the booths without the hoards of people before deciding it was time to get out and get to sleep. As we were exiting, a booth caught my dad’s eye and without even realizing what I️ was doing, I had signed up for the 2018 Chicago Marathon as a part of Team Salute, gotten my first team shirt and a running hat.

 Salute Inc. is dedicated to meeting the financial, physical, and emotional needs of injured military service members, veterans and their families. It’s no surprise that this hit very close to home (see my cute man below) so it was a no brainer to join their team and contribute as much as I could. So yes, hours before running the 2017 Chicago Marathon, I was already onboard for running it in 2018. #CrazyMarathonLady

With that being said, I need your help too. I have committed to raising $1000 for Team Salute in an effort to help those injured military service members, veterans, and their families. Help me to achieve this goal by visiting my donation page. Anything you are able to give is very much appreciated, even if it is just your words of encouragement.

xo, Constance

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  1. November 9, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    Congrats. The weather looked lovely in Chicago.

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