#WearItWednesday with 5k Crate

You may remember last quarter’s box from 5k Crate, however, if this is the first time you’re hearing of this wonderful runner’s subscription, let me fill you in!

The 5K Crate is a quarterly subscription box that curates premium apparel and accessories for runners of all types and fitness levels. Each box is carefully hand curated to include 5-6 items that you will use over and over again, which is a pretty great deal, if I do say so myself.

I know the $59.99 price tag may scare some of you off but let’s just go through all the stuff this second one came with. And remember, you only have to pay this tiny price 4 times a year and you get so many things for it:

Knuckle Lights, $39.95

Momentum Motivate Bracelet $23.95

Bokos Sandals, $19.95

Swiftwick No-Show Compression Socks: $9.99

Greecie Girl Non-Slip Headband, $9.99

Dirty Bird Recovery Soap, $5.99

Run Guard Anti-Chafe Stick, $3.00

Stickman Sports Running Gloves

Add it all up and you get $140+ for only $60 – that’s a win in my book! But really, the big reason I love the 5k Crate is because I get to test new products that I may not have heard of before (Dirty Bird Recovery Soap – like what is that and where did it come from but why is it so amazing?) or have seen but haven’t bought (Momentum bracelets – how many Instagram pictures do you see of runners showing off their times/distance and that cute little saying is next to the watch?) or products that I know I love and can’t get enough of (Swiftwick socks are my FAV). It’s a great mix of products and is always a surprise. All the wins in the world.

Check, check, check it outtttt.



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