ChillByWill on #WearItWednesday

It’s been a hot minute since I did a #WearItWednesday post so what better way to get back into it than by showing off one of the hottest new athleisure brands, ChillByWill. Co-founded by two superwomen based in LA and made in the U.S., each of ChillByWill’s pieces are made to help you find the will to be the best you – does that not make you want to shout HELL YES?!

Not only does this brand have the greatest vision and provide a whole lot of inspiration to be your best self but they have some really great pieces. And we’re not just talking a top here or a pair of legging theres, we’re talking full blown outfits complete with jackets and hats – all simply designed with touches of mesh or extra straps to add some flair. Plus it’s all neutral colors and we know I love my black ❤

My one tip would be to size up, especially if you are on the border – I got a size 1 and found it the tiniest bit too tight.





Shop the look:

Leggings: Blaze Legging Silver Trim | Sports Bra: Amuse Mid Support Bra

“We believe that with a little inspiration and a whole lot of comfort, every woman can do anything and everything they set their minds to.” -ChillByWill

3 thoughts on “ChillByWill on #WearItWednesday

  1. great pics!!

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