Shooting With Kari Huang on #WearItWednesday


As you may (or may not) know, I had the opportunity to shoot with Kari Huang! I’m going to be honest that going into this shoot, I was a little nervous. I’m obviously not a real model, I get kind of (really) awkward in front of a camera, and need a lot of direction but Kari was so easy to work with. She was extremely engaging, trying all types of poses, and just having fun with the morning. Our originally planned one-hour shoot turned into two hours and 700 pictures!

We shot six different outfits (WOW), most of them coming out of the exclusive SeaWheeze Half Marathon shop. I went to this race thinking I might buy a jacket or a top but instead, I went crazy. I literally quadrupled the amount of lululemon gear I own. My bank account was a little upset but I definitely have no regrets.

This first top is one of my favorites (although, they really are all my favorites so sorry when I keep saying that) because I don’t wear a lot of color but for some reason, it really spoke to me. It’s a soft mesh material with one of the coolest backs, which is probably what got my attention. I struggle finding tops that (1) I actually like and (2) also show off all the strappy sports bras I own. But this one did it all! Plus it’s so light that you can wear it on the hottest of days and stay cool.

As for the pants, I cannot even put into words how obsessed I am with them. I got these at the lululemon lab in Vancouver. There are only two labs in existence (Vancouver and NYC) and it is where all of the design magic happens. In-house designers vibe off of and develop collections based on the city. All of the collections are produced in limited quantities and are exclusive to the lab space, however, they do influence the mainstream lululemon line, so you might see these beauties in stores in a couple of years.





Get the look:

Sports Bra: lululemon Train Times Bra in black

Visit Kari’s blog to view the whole photoshoot 🙂


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