Calvin Klein Backpack on #WearItWednesday

We all know I’m obsessed with my Lululemon Go Getter bag but lately, my back hasn’t been feeling the same way toting around my laptop, workout clothes, and lunch every day. So I decided to get myself a backpack. I wanted something simple, obviously black, and big enough to fit my laptop and workout clothes. Of course I hit up TJ Maxx and I found this perfect black Calvin Klein bag. It has a front zipper, perfect for my wallet, sunglasses, and keys, 2 open pouches and a zippered pocket inside. Best of all, it was only $40 – what a steal, right?!




Since I can’t link to the exact backpack and it’s luck of the draw when you go into TJ Maxx, I found some similar bags with various points for you to peruse.

Madison West Nylon Backpack at Nordstrom Rack | French Connection Pleather Backpack at Nordstrom Rack | Herschel Polyester Backpack at Urban Outfitters | Calvin Klein Nylon & Leather Backpack at Macy’s

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