Rose Gold Accents on #WearItWednesday

Add H&M to your fitness apparel list because it has been killing it lately! At the same time I purchased the blush & mesh combo, I also found these amazing leggings. I’ve been trying to find a pair of black leggings with rose gold accents for the longest time to match my Nikes but I never thought I’d stumble upon the perfect (and cheap) pair at H&M!

Another reason I love these leggings is because of the “Run the Day” at the bottom. Sometimes, you need a subtle reminder, such as this one, to keep on pushing through and H&M did it in such a classy way.

So seriously, do yourself a favor, and go check out H&M’s fitness apparel. I will admit that in store has a better selection but I’ve also found some things online that weren’t in the store. If only they made it easy on us and just had everything online and in-store… Image result for emoji girl slapping face





Get the look:

Leggings (similar): H&M Rose Gold Accent Leggings | Top: Old Navy High Neck Swing Tank | Shoes: Nike Free TR 6

2 thoughts on “Rose Gold Accents on #WearItWednesday

  1. I love H&M cheap V-neck T shirts. Shoot, I’m wearing one right.

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