Blush & Mesh on #WearItWednesday

You may have caught a glimpse of this AH-MAZING outfit in my Chicago SUP post but I was so obsessed, I decided it deserved it’s own.

The Friday night before class, I walked into H&M to look for a bathing suit or a couple new tops – I did not expect to find some of the cutest workout apparel and the gem of all gems.

You may have noticed that black leggings are kind of my favorite so when I find a pair that are black but also have something snazzy going on, I buy them instantly. I honestly can’t decide what I love most about these pants: the perfectly placed stripes, the blush mesh, or the matching crop top. Which we also need to talk about because I have never been big on crop tops – not because I didn’t want to but because my torso is so short, they never looked right. However, when I put this one on, it hit all the right spots and I knew I also had to have it.

To make it that much better, the price was incredibly affordable yet the quality is still there. I’ve already worn and washed both pieces a few times and there’s not a fray in sight. H&M is definitely about to make a splash in the fitness department.






Get the look:

Leggings: H&M Yoga Tights in Pink | Crop top is in stores only, linked to similar sports bra: H&M Medium Support Bra in Powder| Shoes: Nike Free TR 6 | Backpack found at TJ Maxx, linked to similar: Calvin Klein Backpack

4 thoughts on “Blush & Mesh on #WearItWednesday

  1. Gorgeous outfit! Just can’t get enough of those tights!


    1. Thank you! They are my new favorite! I’ve worn them far too many times already ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผ


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