Adult Ninja Warrior

I recently got the opportunity to experience an Total Body Adult Ninja Warrior class. Adult Ninja Warrior is a 1-hour session providing high-intensity strength and training through a variety of obstacles such as wall climbing and monkey bars. CrossTown Fitness partnered with Junior Ninja Warrior in March 2017 to present enthusiasts with a place to train year round for obstacles courses.

Stepping into the gym, it was a glorified playground and I couldn’t wait to try everything out. To start, we did a 15 minute warm-up including active stretching and sprints.

Then we got into the EMOM: 7 exercises in 15 minutes. The exercises included were the balance beam, rope climb, rings, jump squats, broad jump ball tosses, suitcase deadlifts and the main event, the warrior wall. This flew by, I barely got through 1 round and in the moment I was a little worried it wouldn’t be enough of a workout.

For the last 30 minutes, we got to play on the rest of the equipment. There was a hamster wheel, rock climbing, and multiple types of monkey bars. I also kept practicing on the warrior wall – I was determined to hit the highest section (big deal because I’m terrified of heights) and by the end of the hour, I got up it every time I tried (which was 3 times)!

Now, remember when I said I didn’t think this would be enough of a workout? I was wrong. The next day I woke up and I was so sore in places I didn’t even realize could be. And the next day, it just got worse. It’s definitely not your traditional, breathing hard throughout the entire hour type of workout but it gets you in ways that you don’t normally. It’s also a place you don’t want to go alone so I think it would be perfect for a date or a fun girls (or guys) night. Since it’s highly engaging, it would also be good for team building. Definitely a must try!

Thank you CrossTown Fitness!


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  1. May 18, 2017 / 6:00 pm

    That’s so cool. I wish there was one like that in my city!

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