Our Trip to Iceland

Guys, I’m back! I apologize for the two week hiatus but thank you for your patience as I recovered from a horrible case of jetlag. I think most of you will be pleased to hear, I’m finally talking about Iceland today!

Iceland was a trip like no other and if you are looking for an adventure-packed destination, this is the place for you. We only had 5 days in this beautiful country but didn’t want to miss a thing so we cut back on our beauty rest and instead got to travel to 4 (+1 for where we stayed) different areas. This is a long one, so buckle up and let’s start exploring!

Day 1: The Blue Lagoon, First Hike in Vogar & Starting to Explore Reykjavík

We landed at 4:30am, picked up our cute little Opel Corsa (eventually named Ruby) and made our way to the capital and the place we would be calling home for the next 5 days, Reykjavík. *Tip! If you are going to Iceland, I highly suggest renting a car. There are plenty of tours that can take you to the big destinations but with your own car, you’re able to go at your own pace, skip and/or add excursions at your leisure. If you’re worried about getting lost or the road conditions, have no fear, the roads are clearly marked and there is a website that updates driving conditions hourly – easy peasy!

As we walked around the sleeping town, a light flurry of snow began to fall and it truly felt like we were in a dream. Unfortunately, that light flurry began to pick up along with the wind and as we arrived at the Blue Lagoon, I was a little apprehensive about being outside in a bathing suit. Luckily, the waters lived up to their promise of being hot and relaxing. Although we did get a little wind burn, it was an amazing experience.

After a few hours in the geothermal spa, we made our way back to Reykjavík but got sidetracked by this little turn off the highway and decided to explore. We hiked up a small mountain and to our surprise when we reached the peak, we had a breaktaking view of the ocean.


To close out the day, we walked around Reykjavík and visited the Hallgrímskirkja Church. Jordan got his first opportunity to fly the drone since our other locations had been far too windy.


Day 2: The Golden Circle

On our second day, we got to experience our first driving tour. The Golden Circle is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland since it is fairly close to Reykjavík and has some great things to see including waterfalls, craters, lagoons, and plenty of Icelandic horses.



Our amazing experience can be attributed to Auður, author of I Heart Reykjavík as we followed her Drive it Yourself: The Golden Circle tour.

Day 3: The Drive to Vik

On our third day, we took a road slightly less traveled along the southern coast, making our turnaround point in Vik. We were able to see even more waterfalls (and hike them! Let me tell ya, scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life but so worth it), black sand beaches, and even more Icelandic horses.





Our amazing experience can be attributed to Auður, author of I Heart Reykjavík as we followed her Drive it Yourself: A South Coast Adventure tour.

Day 4: The Snæfellsnes Peninsula

On our last full day, we went off the beaten path and traveled along the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. I was convinced we had been transported to another planet and were the only ones alive because we went for miles without seeing another car. Plus everything was covered in black volcanic rock, giving it a very out-of-this-world appearance. This day was one of my favorites because the sun peaked out as we got further north and we went on some pretty incredible hikes, my favorite being through a gorge leading to a waterfall.





Later that night, we drove out to Seltjarnarnes to try to catch a glimpse of the infamous Northern Lights. Since it had rained almost our entire trip, there was never a night clear enough to see them. There are a lot of factors that go into the lights making an appearance including weather, the size of the moon, weather, location, and did I mention weather?! We were able to faintly see the lights in a brief moment that the clouds were covering the almost full moon, leaving the southern sky exposed. Even that brief glimpse was incredible but not quite enough to be checked off my bucketlist yet.

Our amazing experience can be attributed to Auður, author of I Heart Reykjavík as we followed her Drive it Yourself: The Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour.

Day 5: Reykjavík Flea Market (Kolaportið)

On our last day, the sun finally came out and we were able to explore Iceland’s only flea market to pick up a few souvenirs. We also snuck away some black sand to put in a shadow box which later got flagged at the airport for potentially being gun powder, whoops!



All in all, this was a trip for the books! I could talk for ages about this wonderful country so please feel free to reach out if it’s on your bucketlist!

xo, your little travel bug Constance


  1. April 17, 2017 / 8:45 am

    This looks incredible! We’ve always been afraid of Iceland because of the cold (ironic since we’re in chicago 🙂 ), but this inspires me to visit!

    • April 17, 2017 / 9:01 am

      You won’t regret it! The cold was tolerable – it was between 35-45 our entire trip but it got up to 50 once the sun came out. I’ve also heard the summer is beautiful and it can get up to 80 then!

  2. November 22, 2017 / 12:37 am

    Looks incredible, thanks for sharing! I loved the Geothermal spas myself. Really enjoyed my time with my family there.

    • Connie
      November 22, 2017 / 7:25 am

      I am so happy you enjoyed it! I hope to go back one day when it’s not the rainy season – it’s just so beautiful and unlike any other place I’ve been.

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