It’s Constantly’s Monthiversary!

Can you believe Constantly: A Blog for the Girl on the Run has already been up and running for a month? Since launch day, I have received a ton of positive feedback and I cannot thank all of you enough! It’s honestly making me question why I didn’t start this sooner 😉

In just a short month, I have stressed the importance of getting the right pair of shoes for running, laid out my goals for the upcoming half marathon in late May, challenged myself (and you) to experiment with new cross-training classes, gotten quite a few new outfits with the most perfect bag to carry them in, and most importantly, I have continuously been inspired by each of you. It hasn’t been perfect, I’m definitely no expert on writing but I have enjoyed learning and sharing this journey so much that I can’t wait to keep it running (over-using the pun? Maybe, but it’s just so perfect!). And I hope all of you feel the same way because although this blog is written by me, it’s made for you.

All of the sappiness aside, I wanted to provide you with an updated Half Marathon Training Schedule. As I was completing my first couple of weeks, there were several adjustments that needed to made (such as running on a Friday after work, who wants to do that?). I also removed all scheduled rest days and am taking them on a day by day basis. I found that on most scheduled days, I wanted to go to class but on days when I was supposed to cross-train, I needed a break. Therefore, I will be taking rest days as I need them yet continuing to stick to my mileage and cross-training goals. If you are experiencing similar issues, make a change! It will only help you in the long run (see what I did there?).

As always, I encourage you to reach out with any questions or comments!

xo, Constance

Updated Half Marathon Schedule_3.27.17.JPG


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