Half Marathon Goal Setting

Early on in your training, if not before, it is important to set goals. These can include weekly active hour goals, monthly mileage goals, or a time that you hope to finish the race in – it truly depends on what level you are at. For example, if you are a beginner, it may be a bit lofty to want to finish your first half marathon in 1:30 (unless you’ve been hiding super speed all your life, then you go girlfriend!). To help you develop your goals, I’m going to share mine and how I got there.

Finish the half marathon in 1:45.

My PR is currently sitting at 1:51 and although clocking in at 1:45 would be skimming 6 minutes off of my time and it’s typical to aim for 5, I feel strongly about numbers in multiples of 5 (a little bit of my OCD coming through there). Okay but really, I have been doing group fitness classes for almost a year now and have noticed a huge difference in my strength so I think that will help my running exponentially therefore making a 1:45 time possible.

Run 3 times a week.

I have a bad habit of not training before a race (and by not training, I literally mean not running until race day) which results in a VERY angry body. Plus, the main reason I chose this particular race was because it will lead straight into Chicago Marathon training and lessen the blow of running 25+ miles a week. Lastly, in order to run a 1:45, I definitely need to hold myself accountable.

Cross-train 3 times a week (that means going to yoga, too).

This is something I have no problem doing, I actually miss going to classes everyday now that I’m running too. What I need to remember is that yoga is also cross-training and very important since I am not the most flexible of humans. Leading me into my final goal…

Stretch more often.

I can barely touch my toes and my hip-flexors are always in pain so I’m making more of an effort to spend even 5 minutes post-workout to stretch it out (ideally though, it would be 20).

As you are going through training, you may realize that these goals are either too easy or not quite attainable, and that is okay! Make adjustments as you go, that’s the beauty of training, it’s always a learning process.

As always, if you have any questions, please make sure to comment or reach out so I can address them in the coming posts!


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