Get Going with the Go Getter Bag

Ever since I started working downtown in 2015, I’ve been on the hunt for a bag that can fit my lunch, laptop, and workout clothes. It’s no surprise Lululemon came to the rescue with the Go Getter Bag – it’s the perfect solution for work, the gym, and long weekends. I’ve been eyeballing it for quite a while now but wasn’t ready to pull the trigger (which was a mistake because now that I have it, it’s a game-changer) until I came home Friday evening and it was waiting for me as a blog-launch surprise present – cue the heart eyes emoji x3.

This giant, water-resistant tote has a pocket for everything including a laptop, dirty gym clothes, a cellphone & keys, and all of those random things that accumulate in your bag. There are clips on top that strap your yoga mat in place (but can also be hidden when not in use), not to mention it came with a shoe bag and heat resistant pouch. The best part is that the strap is thick and doesn’t hurt your shoulder, even if it’s packed to the brim. Essentially, it has it all and if you’re trying to find a new bag to carry your life from work to the gym to a weekend getaway and look cute doing it, this is the winner.





Get the look:

Bag: Lululemon Go Getter Bag

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